Photos Of JetBlue Flight 1416 Filling With Smoke & Making An Emergency Landing Are Terrifying

There are few scenarios more terrifying than the prospect of something going wrong on your flight. Hopefully — and statistically — you'll never have to experience such a situation. But if you've ever wondered what it feels like, aside from the flat-out terror, this video of a JetBlue flight making an emergency landing is the closest you'll get to experiencing the panic without being on an airplane. Warning: If you already have even the slightest fear of flying, reading this is probably not for you.

So, what exactly happened? Well, about 15 minutes after taking off at Long Beach Airport at 9:15 a.m. on Thursday, the pilots of Austin-bound flight 1416 noticed a signal indicating that the right engine was overheating. Then the engine blew out completely in a loud bang, sending thick smoke into the cabin. The smoke grew so intense that the passengers couldn't see the person next to them. Of course everyone started to panic.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe, but the oxygen masks failed to come down. The crew jumped to action as the pilots deployed fire extinguishers and the flight attendants handed out oxygen masks by hand. But when the plane started shaking as it traveled back over land, the panic reached fever pitch.

People started crying and praying.

Actor Jackson Rathbone, of Twilight fame, was on the flight with his wife and child.

Passengers clung to each other as the flight attendants started yelling "Brace! Brace!"

Feeling nothing short of a miracle — at least, that's what I would imagine — the plane hit the ground gently, bringing everyone to a safe stop. The usual round of applause erupted on board, but this one was really well deserved.

According to CNN, passenger Jonathan Hubbard didn't wait another second before throwing the exit door open and jumping out, understandably eager to get off the plane already. The rest of the 142 passengers followed and all exited via inflatable slide.

Despite the terrifying near-death experience, Rathbone kept his sense of humor.

The most important takeaway here? The passengers will never take life for granted again.

"I don't think I'll ever be mean to anyone ever again," passenger Jarrod West told CNN.

Four people were injured from the flight, and none seriously. JetBlue has yet to release a statement addressing the incident other than one that merely acknowledges that it happened:

On September 18, the flight crew aboard flight 1416 reported an issue with the number two engine and returned to Long Beach Airport.

Images: CNN