Alanis Morissette's New Ombre Hair is Bizarre — All The Things Her Two-Toned 'Do Looks Like

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Our beloved Alanis Morissette got a very strange ombré dye job that interprets the trend all wrong. On Wednesday, the Jagged Little Pill songstress revealed, via Instagram, of course, that she'd bleached most of her hair, leaving only a few inches at the top brunette. It's... really weird looking.

I already miss the days where Alanis had brown locks so long that they occasionally doubled as an unsupportive bra. At least she kept the center part — some things should never, ever change. I wish Alanis had gone to a colorist if she wanted to successfully achieve the ombré style that so many celebs (and normals) are going for lately. But, alas, she seems happy enough with the new look and so I'll let her have her fun.

Of course, we're entitled to have our own fun, too. We all worship Alanis as all Lilith Fair–approved '90s singers deserve to be worshipped — passionately, that is — and so it is with great "Head Over Feet" love that I bring you the following list of things Alanis' new hair looks like. I hope to offend her just enough so that she'll write a great, angry ballad about the mess that I left when I joked about her hair on the Internet.

But first, here's the hair.


Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

What's black and white and unevenly ombré-d?

Black and White Cookie

But unfortunately not as delicious.

Cruella de Vil

The half-and-half look is way better than what Alanis has going on, but the comparison stands.

Yin Yang Sign

All about that balance.

Soccer Ball

Scott Barbour/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

That tiny bit of black makes all the difference.

Images: alanis/Instagram, Getty(2), aprilj49/Instagram, Walt Disney Pictures, Wikimedia Commons