Justin Timberlake's 'NSync VMA Reunion Is Totally Happening Despite Joey Fatone's Lame Lies

That fat one's in the house, y'all, and this 'NSync reunion at the VMAs is totally happening. Nothing's been confirmed, yada yada boring yada, but come on. Former band member Joey Fatone was spotted at a New York City airport, and when the TMZ camerman asked him just why, exactly, he happened to be in town, Joey said he was in NYC for his cousin's surprise 40th birthday party on Staten Island, which, no he's not. Joey went on to say he won't even be attending Sunday's VMAs (might wanna rethink that, champ: the swag bags are killer this year) but that he's happy for Justin Timberlake, who's receiving a Vanguard award.

If ever there was any hope that Joey would revive his movie career, this short airport clip should serve as evidence that the guy cannot act. It's so clear that he's lying, I almost feel bad for him. He might as well have been wearing an 'NSync reunion 2013 shirt, and maybe even a hat, too.

Lance Bass gave a half-hearted denial of the band's reunion, but he never really said it wasn't happening. He just sort of talked about how he thinks the rumors got started. And when Joey says here that no, he's definitely not going to the VMAs, his fibbing is just as obvious as when Britney Spears and Justin denied having sex.

Even though we're too old for the VMAs, an 'NSync reunion might just make us only 87 percent hate-watch the awards show, instead of 100 percent. And hey, that's something.