13 Times Josh Lucas Was Too Attractive To Handle, from 'The Mysteries of Laura' Back To 'Sweet Home Alabama'

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If we're going to play word association with Josh Lucas, then the first things that spring to mind are "his baby blue eyes" and "Sweet Home Alabama." That's undoubtedly when most of us first fell in love with him, while he was busy trying to woo Reese Witherspoon away from Dr. McDreamy himself. Now Lucas stars in The Mysteries of Laura on NBC, opposite Debra Messing. He's playing her swoon-worthy detective almost-ex-husband, Jake Diamond, and they've just about made their separation amicable... but then he has to go and transfer precincts and wind up as Laura's boss.

If this plot twist means that Jake is going to show up in Laura's life a lot more, then I'm on board with it. This isn't his first television role by any means, but this could be his biggest. In honor of this good-looking guy, here are just a few times he was too attractive to handle.

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