Gabrielle Union's Hacked Photos Cause the Actress to Speak Out With Words Worth Remembering

If you weren't already aware, even more personal nude photos of celebrities have been leaked. And, understandably, some of those involved have voiced their upset over the continuing intrusion. One of those victims, Gabrielle Union, isn't taking this situation lightly, either. TMZ relays that she will be taking her case up with the FBI. According to TMZ, Union and her husband, Dwayne Wade, explain their views on the situation in a statement saying,

A bold statement to be made, and one certainly worth repeating...over and over again. Union's statement is important because it so brings the attention back on the the victims and stays there. It highlights exactly why this scandal is particularly hateful-- because it's dehumanizing. A noteworthy addition to the initial statement, Union says,

Union's assertion that they have done nothing wrong is also incredibly pertinent, because it seems that sometimes the public has lost sight of that. Hopefully, with the work of Union and others, this incident can finally be laid to rest.