Ariana Grande or Sexy Halloween Costume: Can You Tell The Singer From the Holiday Revelers?

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I don't know for sure, but one can only assume that Halloween is Ariana Grande's favorite holiday. You don't need to be a crazed fan to recognize this. The miniature superstar rarely leaves home without a pair of animal ears donned atop her majestic Barbie-esque pony. And the Halloween-like accessories don't stop there, either. Grande's costumes (AKA "performance outfits" and "red carpet attire" and "everyday clothes") would back up my statement as well. And even if she were to protest, claiming Christmas or July 4th as her fave holiday, I would guffaw to myself, e-waving this gallery in the air as pure evidence that she is a bald-faced liar.

In front of you are a mix of photos: Some of them are a "normally" dressed Ariana Grande, while the others are women dressed in scantily clad and/or form-fitting Halloween costumes. I wager that you won't be able to tell the difference. In fact, I'm so confident that I've Jack-O-Lantern'ed off their faces to really prove that Ariana Grande is a walking sexy Halloween costume. See if you can tell who the REAL Ariana Grande is.

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