The Best People to Date for Each Astrological Sign

by Phylisa Wisdom

As someone who grew up in Southern California, I frequently heard "When's your birthday" or "What's your sign" from a new friend or teacher — they’d look to the heavens to help understand who I was.

Whether you’re a diehard astrology follower, a skeptic, or a staunch non-believer, you can’t deny the impression the stars have made on us from a cultural standpoint. When looking for a mate, astrological compatibility is one of the plethora of considerations one could make.

Astrologists say astrological compatibility is an easy way to ensure romantic bliss. Of course, with any advice on how to find the perfect mate, there are also skeptics. Whether for a bit of fun or as serious criteria, it’s worth considering your best astrological matches for a blissful romance. (And before you find out what sign your soulmate might be, be sure to check out Bustle's new podcast, I Want It That Way, which delves into the most difficult and downright dirty parts of a relationship, and find more on our Soundcloud page.)

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What turns you on: someone driven, but who adores you.

Who To Date

Sagittarius: You are both enthusiastic, energetic, and totally in with each other.

Leo: This would be a harmonious match.

Libra: Emotionally, you’re on the same level. But slow it down in bed. Libras like slow, steady and meaningful sex.


What turns you on: someone grounded, hard-working, sensual, and laid-back.

Who To Date

Taurus: Dating a fellow Taurus means both of you are uber reliable. Watch out for a clash of opinions!

Virgo: You two share an interest in the sensuality of food and eating — this will be a relationship worth celebrating.

Scorpio: You don’t have a huge amount in common, but sexually, there are fireworks that will sustain this match.


What turns you on: smarts, banter, good looks, patience.

Who To Date

Libra: You both have trouble making up your mind, so in order for this to work, someone must step up with a decision.

Aquarius: This ideal match — a true meeting of the minds — will thrive.

Sagittarius: A mutual love of freedom and adventure connects you two in ways that keep it exciting long term.


What turns you on: hard-to-get, cool, those who meet halfway.

Who To Date

Scorpio: This fiery partner presents a challenge, which will turn you on eternally.

Pisces: Your mutual appreciation of music and arts will excite and inform you both.

Taurus: Let your love of nesting drive you: garden together. Bake your way through your favorite cookbook!


What turns you on: confidence, positivity, a “can-do” attitude.

Who To Date

Leo: Be warned! For this union to be successful, avoid your natural competitive instinct. You can’t both win every time.

Aries: They are indifferent to other people’s opinions, while you, fair Leo, care a great deal. Let your Aries mate guide you!

Sagittarius: Life will be a constant source of joy, excitement, and activity.


What turns you on: witty, driven people with a strong set of morals.

Who To Date

Taurus: You love a helpful, supportive partner, and you’ll find that in Taurus.

Scorpio: You two have amazing sexual chemistry, and you revel in a good to-do list. The couple that organizes together stays together.

Gemini: Witty, charming Gemini will keep you guessing and keep you LOLing.


What turns you on: sexy, loyal high rollers.

Who To Date

Aquarius: You both exist primarily in your minds, and will truly understand each other.

Gemini: Both socialites, one (Gemini) likes to be pleased and one (Libra) lives to please. An idea combination!

Libra: It’s like looking in a mirror on a good hair day. Both of you are charming. Just be careful to avoid being too bossy.


What turns you on: subtle sexiness, quiet ones who you can draw out of their shell.

Who To Date

Cancer: You both can be moody, but in different ways. Work to understand each other’s moods, and this is a quality match.

Pisces: Floating through the world on a cloud of creative energy, you’re on the same level.

Scorpio: This is a comfortable, easy match.


What turns you on: smarties with a tendency towards the crazy, grounded but ambitious people.

Who To Date

Aries: Sagittarius doesn’t clash with Aries, who usually struggle with petty arguments.

Aquarius: As long as you dreamers are happy to escape together, you’ll stay in sync.

Leo: A focus on ambition may bind you.


What turns you on: high-achievers, someone who will worship you.

Who To Date

Taurus: You truly appreciate each other’s common sense approach.

Virgo: Both hard workers, you enjoy taking time from the day-to-day for sensual activity and closeness.

Cancer: Romantic Cancer will wine and dine you.


What turns you on: political smarts, fast talkers, and big dreamers.

Who To Date

Gemini: This is a match with good intellectual balance and a shared focus on current affairs. You’ll always have something to talk about.

Sagittarius: This coupling will successfully balance intimacy, busy social lives, and time for personal reflection.

Libra: Both visionaries, you’ll inspire each other every day.


What turns you on: gentle sweeties, artsy types with a spiritual side.

Who To Date

Pisces: Dating another Pisces means both partners appreciate each other’s non-judgmental and spiritual lean.

Scorpio: This is what it looks like to just “get” someone.

Cancer: This is a romantic, sweet match.

Thanks to astrology experts Astro Twins, Kiki and Susan Miller for contributing to this article.

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