Are You At Your Most Body-Happy Age Yet?

Most women in their 20s are only beginning to figure out what's good for their body. It seems they still have a long way to go before hitting their most body-happy age. According to British skin and body care company Sanctuary Spa, the ladies most satisfied with their bodies are in their 30s.

Sanctuary Spa surveyed more than 1,000 women about their body confidence. The company found that 40 percent of women look at their naked body in a mirror every day, while another 25 percent do so at least once a week. So with all this looking, who's happiest?

The researchers found that 34 was the age at which women reported being the happiest with their naked bodies. The Daily Telegraph attributes this body happiness to being in a stable long-term relationship and exercising and eating well.

"[34-year-old women] work hard to maintain the best body shape possible, are educated about eating well and treating their body with respect," beautician Nichola Joss explained to The Daily Telegraph. "Many 34-year-olds I know have experienced either a loving relationship or close personal friendship and these bring confidence, both inside and out."

Sanctuary Spa also found that women were most proud of their breasts, legs, and shoulders, while 57 percent wish they could change their stomachs. Respondents cited Elle McPherson as the best bikini body.

Hmmm. Overall body confidence is great, but it still sounds like these overly picky women are spending too much time in front of the mirror. So look on, proud naked ladies, but remember to love your body no matter how old you are, and how imperfect you may think it is.

Image: angrylambie1 on Flickr