11 Joan Jett Style Staples, For Channeling The Iconic Rocker In Honor Of Her 56th Birthday

Fun fact: Monday is rocker Joan Jett's 56th birthday! The legendary singer, who got her start as a guitarist and vocalist for The Runaways before eventually going solo, is as known for her fashion sense as for her musical talents. Joan Jett is a groundbreaking artist for many reasons, not least of which for leading to the only role of Kristen Stewart's I've ever enjoyed. Seriously, if you haven't seen The Runaways, you're missing out.

Although her look has somewhat evolved with the times, certain hallmarks of Jett's image have remained the same over the decades. Picture tons of leather, tight pants, tattoos, and, of course, that jet(t) black mullet. Luckily for fans of her signature style, most of these elements are actually super popular right now. You don't even have to go full on "punk rock lite" in order to channel her vibe. Simply choose one or two Joan-approved pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe and you'll instantly be more badass without looking like you're wearing a Joan Jett costume.

If you're looking for the perfect way to toughen up your fall aesthetic, turn to our birthday girl for inspiration. Here are 11 simple ways to inject your closet with a little bit of Joan de vivre, snarling voice and guitar skills not required.

1. Black Hair Dye

Joan's classic hairstyle is hard to pull off — basically, if you aren't a rockstar who's career began in the '70s, you shouldn't be trying to rock a mullet. However, you could dye your hair the same shade of fierce black for a similar feel. ($13.99, manicpanic.biz)

2. Leather Pants

Skin tight leather pants are a staple in any Joan Jett-inspired wardrobe. Good thing they are everywhere lately. Try a vegan leather pair if you're feeling animal friendly (added bonus: vegan leather is cheaper), like these Free People ones. ($244.71, asos.com)

3. Graphic Tee

The graphic tee is a rockstar staple. This one is a replica of an actual tee that Joan Jett wore — apparently in 1980, if you believe the photo. ($45, wornfree.com)

4. Red Jacket

A red blazer is just what you need to toss over all those graphic t-shirts and make them a bit more polished. ($24.80, forever21.com)

5. Layered Necklaces

It's not a Joan Jett look without the piled on cross jewelry. ($28.56, asos.com)

6. Tattoos

If you don't have ink of your own, play around with some fake tattoos to get Joan's hardcore look. ($8.89, etsy.com)

7. Wingtip Liner

Wingtip black eyeliner is an obvious necessity. ($18, sephora.com)

8. Converse Sneakers

Because you can't be truly punk in heels. ($50, converse.com)

9. Jumpsuit

A modern-day update of Jett's Runaways-era red jumpsuit — not a stitch of spandex in sight. You can even wear this one to work with the right accessories. ($76.17, asos.com)

10. Bold Cuff

When it comes to jewelry, think big and bold, like this leather and gold cuff. ($25, nastygal.com)

11. Studded Jacket

And finally, the piece de resistance of any Jettified ensemble: the studded leather jacket. ($579, nordstrom.com)

Images: Courtesy Brands