The iOS 8 Accidental Selfie Feature Is Super Awkward, And Trust Me, I Know — PHOTOS

Apple's latest software update has a few pretty neat features. You can monitor your battery usage and identify what exactly is draining it. You can use Siri hands free. But you can also embarrass yourself with a new, confusing feature on Apple's iOS 8 that makes it easy to send accidental selfies.

An accidental selfie, you ask? Oh yes. We're not talking about those posed "accidents" where your perfect pout is glazed with a fresh coat of lipstick. We're talking real, honest-to-God unintentional life ruiners that, unbeknownst to you, could end up being sent to your innocent friends, family, and coworkers.

How could you do this to us, Apple? In the updated iMessage app, you can send voice memos and videos as part of the new keyboard, which you can also select to expire if you so choose, encroaching on Snapchat's territory. You can review both of these creations before you send them off, too. There is also the camera button, which has been present on past iMessage keyboards.

Here is how it's different: Although you can still select from your camera roll or choose to take a new picture, there is a tricky new feature that sends the photo automatically after it is taken.

That's right. No reviewing. Just ZIP — and it's off for your intended recipient to hold close or post on the Internet (sorry, Bustle crew!). TechCrunch's Jordan Crook was kind enough to share her accidental selfie story, too, warning the masses of this potential new phone foible.

When you click and hold on the camera button, a new option comes up to take a photo, with the camera automatically set to selfie mode. You can capture an image by clicking or sliding your finger over the yellow camera button or red video button. But as soon as you release, it's gone.

Selfies are not a snapshot of life. They are a carefully constructed self-portrait designed to look casual, often inexplicably accompanying the urge to do a duck face. If you've ever taken a selfie (don't look at me like that, you totally have), you know how many takes you have until the right one comes along. I'm not sure what Apple was thinking with this new feature.

Until we've mastered this brave new world of automatic-send selfies, prepare for a lot of pictures of your friends looking slightly confused.

Don't worry, you're not alone out there.

And all right, I'll join in. Here's my accidental selfie:

Images: Jenny Hollander (4)