and Offer Online Dating Services for Stoners

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As the national attitude towards marijuana becomes more accepting, there seem to be more available products and services associated with the weed-loving lifestyle. There is a stoner sex columnist, weed pizza, and now and — stoner-friendly dating sites.

The two sites aim to eliminate any awkwardness that comes with smoking weed in relationships. Apparently, there is real risk of rejection when disclosing marijuana use to a partner. Anyone can sign up for either site as long as they are accepting of a 420-friendly lifestyle.

But doesn’t just consist of stereotypical stoners. The site, which has over 6,200 members, states, "our dating community is not just for stoners. Our community consists of professionals, laborers, doctors, lawyers and other singles who are all 420 friendly.”’s co-founder, Miguel Lozano, also tells Reutuers "There's a stereotype that pot smokers are lazy, isolated and lonely. They're not…They're the life of the party, they're often professionals and ambitious business people, and they make good partners."

The site has also faced different image-related challenges. When co-founder Jay Lindberg attempted to run an ad in Colorado, where marijuana is legal, Comcast rejected the content. So while it may seem unnecessary to have a dating site just for weed lovers, especially when you can simply post a picture of yourself smoking a joint in your Tinder profile and be done with the conversation, there is clearly still a strong stigma surrounding cannabis.

Even though the founders of both sites are from California, site users are from all across the United States, meaning that their use of the site could implicate them in illegal activity. Both sites have a privacy policy like most dating services, but neither seems particularly stringent.'s impressive numbers of members, more than 27,000, shows that weed enthusiasts aren't too concerned.

So, good luck marijuana lovers....I hope you find the stoner buddy you're looking for.

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