11 Easy Appetizers You Can Make That Are Ever Better Than The Main Course

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We live in the age of apps, my friends. They are right at our fingertips, totally interactive and endlessly entertaining. With hundreds to choose from, it can be hard to pick a favorite. I'm talking about appetizers of course, but I can see where you got confused.

The ideal party is made up of good friends, great drinks, and awesome food. (I would add “good conversation,” but let’s be honest — all I really care about is the food.) Appetizers are the best part of any meal, and anyone who says otherwise is a monster. Unfortunately, these bite-sized bits are not enjoyed nearly enough, and all too often they end up playing second fiddle to the spotlight-stealing main course.

I can't think of the last time I cooked an appetizer for a dinner party. Possibly because I've never had a dinner party, but still the thought of making small, tasty plates hasn't crossed my mind. In an effort to correct this obvious problem, I suggest we start serving appetizers and small plates every day of the week. No longer reserved for Super Bowl parties, trips to Applebee’s, or tapas restaurants, appetizers can now be enjoyed by all in the comfort of our own homes. Since we can't download these surprisingly delicious treats from the app store (crazy right?!), here are 11 recipes to get you started.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

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