12 Reasons Fall Is The Most Stylish Season

Fall is officially here, which definitely puts a spring in my step (and hopefully a crackle in my step soon, too. Nothing more satisfying than trodding on a pile of crunchy leaves, amiright?) Now that my favorite season is upon us, it's finally time to do the things I've been dreaming about since January. Going on hayrides, indulging in cozy nights by the fire, eating pumpkin everything... you know, regular fall stuff. I know I'm waxing poetic like a sappy Tumblr account, but I can't help it.

While all of those things have a special place in my heart, my absolute favorite part of the season is the fashion. The clothes I get to wear from mid-September through the end of November include my most beloved pieces, and there are so many fun fall occasions to dress for. Long live the boots + jeans + sweater ensemble and all of its wonderful variations.

Besides the aforementioned autumn go-to outfit, here are 12 reasons this season makes getting dressed in the morning so much more fun.

1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are practically considered an accessory

Salted Caramel Mochas work too, if you're looking for a little fall beverage variety.

2. Two words: Sweater. Weather.

Is there anything better than a size-too-big cable knit sweater over your favorite jeans when it's 50 degrees out? I think not.

3. And boots. So. Many. Boots.

Over-the-knee boots, combat boots, ankle boots, high-heeled boots, motorcycle boots, rain boots... Can't. Breathe. Too. Many. Boot. Choices.

4. The only thing better than boots: Boots with boot socks.

So fresh. See: North West.

5. Oh, and one more thing about boots: Time to break out the Uggs.

Don’t hate. I know they’re not the most attractive footwear but they are like wearing kittens on your feet. And you can’t fault someone for loving that.

6. It's football season. Which means it’s tailgate season. Which means sports chic is in. Go team!

I may not know much about sports, but I do know I love a good baseball-style tee for fall.

7. Good TV is back. Bring out your Tuesday pajama best, ladies – it’s Mindy Project time.

Fall junk food included, of course. Caramel corn, anyone?

8. Time to dust off your trusty leather jacket

Hello, old friend. To the bars!

9. Halloween Costumes

Whether you’re dressing up as an ex-wife or a Playboy Bunny, you do you, girlfriend.

10. You and your favorite clothes always photograph amazingly against a colorful fall backdrop

Especially if you're into "groutfit" (Grey outfit. Guilty.) Seriously, a background full of vivid red and yellow leaves brings whatever you're wearing to another level.

11. Too cold? Throw on your fave scarf. Too hot? Take off your sweater. Layers mean options

If you look like Channing Tatum, I recommend you just take everything off. You wouldn’t want to risk overheating, you know.

12. And last but certainly not least, fall provides the ultimate excuse to wear stretchy pants to dinner: Thanksgiving

God bless Phoebe's maternity pants.

Images: Fotolia/Anna Kukhmar