Did Ichabod Rescue Abbie From Purgatory?

Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills are the whole reason everyone watches Sleepy Hollow. Don't deny it because you know in your heart that it's true. It helps that Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison have a real-life friendship that translates well onto the screen, even if their characters weren't left in the best place after the Season 1 finale. Abbie was stuck in Purgatory at the mercy of Moloch and Ichabod was forced to watch the Horseman of Death kidnap Katrina mere minutes after they were reunited and was then buried alive by his son, revealed to be the Horseman of War. However, the season 2 premiere of Sleepy Hollow reunited Ichabbie and the way that they did it was downright adorable.

Abbie spent so much time in the premiere stuck in purgatory that even I began to fear that she'd be trapped there for longer than the span of a single episode. At first, Sleepy Hollow tried to confuse us by having Abbie and Ichabod working on a case about Benjamin Franklin's key a year after escaping Purgatory and mourning the death of Jenny, with no explanation as to how they were freed from their respective predicaments. As it turns out, the entire sequence was an illusion done by Henry Parrish to force them to reveal the location of the key, which could open the door to Purgatory and let Moloch free.

Even more adorable than watching Ichabod's fierce determination to get Abbie free from Purgatory like he promised was counting the sheer number of times that Ichabbie hugged in this debut episode. Every time they saw each other — whether through a mirror spell or in Purgatory itself — they were throwing their arms around each other like, well, like long lost friends. And Ichabod didn't care if the revelation of the key was a trick by Moloch; he would take any chance to spring Abbie from Purgatory even if it meant the end of the world and even if she was trying to convince him to leave her behind.

I have something in my eyes, you guys. It's my Ichabbie feels. Thankfully, no abandonment was necessary as Ichabod managed to get Abbie free and leave Moloch locked up in Purgatory where he belongs. However, Katrina is still in the hands of the Headless Horseman and Ichabod's son is still the Horseman War, so it was kind of a bittersweet victory. Ichabod now has his leftenant back, as well as Jenny Mills at their side, so there's no doubt that an epic rescue mission of Katrina is on the horizon.

Unbeknownst to our heroes, though, Moloch and War have something up their sleeves that could complicate their rescue and, you know, end the world. I have no idea what Moloch's exact end game here is with the fiery armor that Henry can control with his mind, but it can't mean anything good. At least we can rest assured that no matter what it is, Ichabbie can handle it. Especially if they have Jenny Mills on their side.

Image: harveyxspencer, shewhodestroysthelight/Tumblr; Fred Norris/FOX