7 Very Good Reasons to Watch 'Kingsman'

I'm going to be completely honest here. I wasn't really sold on watching Colin Firth's movie Kingsman: The Secret Service until Tuesday morning. It just seemed like a James Bond knock off, which is what most spy movies seem like to me. Emma Stone might have a Firth obsession, but mine isn't great enough to shell out $13.50 for a movie ticket. Plus, I might still be a little upset with Firth for dropping out of the Paddington Bear movie. Then 20th Century Fox released this new trailer for Kingsman that features Firth in the role of a badass secret agent and mentor figure to our hero and I was completely sold on this movie. Firth can literally have all my money.

Much of the trailer was full of scenes from the previous trailer, including the look at the kind of tests the Kingsmen-in-Training have to face and plenty of shots of Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Firth reminding us that they're the real stars of this movie. However, it added a new scene of Firth giving a free beatdown to a bunch of thugs in a diner to "let off some steam" and the classy way he did it without even rumpling his suit was beyond epic. So if you're still on the fence about whether or not to see Kingsman, let me convince you with these seven reasons.

1. Colin Firth

20th Century Fox/YouTube

I mean, it's Colin Firth. I don't think I even need to explain this reason.

2. Samuel L. Jackson

20th Century Fox/YouTube

Jackson is playing the role of Valentine who, if this trailer is any indication, is the bad guy of our film. At the very least, he seems to be some kind of sociopath who sees the world as a mess and doesn't care what happens to it. Plus, Jackson's character has a lisp and it's amazing.

3. The Accents

20th Century Fox/YouTube

Am I the only person who would go to the theater and watch a movie just because everyone in it has an English accent? I can't be. Can I?

4. The Umbrella

20th Century Fox/YouTube

I want one of them in every color, please and thank you.

5. The Matrix-Style Fight Scenes

20th Century Fox/YouTube

Nothing says spy movie — or, really, action movie — quite like slow-motion sequences in the middle of combat scenes. The trailer features many such instances, but the most memorable one is the slowed motion of a tooth flying through the air after Firth knocks it out of a guy's mouth. That's just hilarious.

6. This Newcomer

20th Century Fox/YouTube

His name is Taron Egerton and he plays the lead character, Gary "Eggsy" Unwin, whom Firth takes under his wing to train as a spy. He's also beautiful. Literally, look at him.

7. Fan Service

20th Century Fox/YouTube

I mean, I'll definitely be watching this movie for the plot. But the fan service doesn't hurt.

Check out the new trailer below.