Karl Lagerfeld's Choupette Accessories Collection Would Give Grumpy Cat Nightmares

Perhaps you're familiar with Karl Lagerfeld's kitty companion, Choupette? She has her own Instagram and Twitter accounts, both called Coupette's Diary, and jets around the world with her glamorous owner, hanging out with all his fabulous fashion friends. Now, Karl Lagerfeld has designed some Choupette-themed accessories for a capsule collection, cementing her place as “the most famous cat in the world.”

The real Choupette looks pretty cute, if a little spoiled (with Karl Lagerfeld as her father figure, what else would you expect?). But the cartoon version that graces "totes and small leather goods, shoes, scarves, a T-shirt, sweatshirt and socks," is a tad bit, well, terrifying. We'll call her Demon Choupette. She has prominent fang-like teeth that would make Grumpy Cat's perpetual resting bitch face contort in fear. Demon Choupette is clearly poised for the hunt, which, let's be honest, is not something real Choupette has had to do since Lagerfeld adopted her.

My favorite items from the line are the Choupette socks because they're quirky and will look fab poking out from beneath the cuffed hem of some skinny jeans. As for the rest of it... let's just say I preferred the first, non-demonic Choupette collection, full of black and white accessories adorned with cat ears and whiskers. Less is more, I always say. And then there's this:


Demon Choupette is coming for you.

Shudder. We don't have prices for the line just yet, but I'll go out on a limb and assume they will be somewhere in the "astronomical" range. If you want to give Demon Choupette a home, you'll have to wait until the collection becomes available in November. Just in time for the holidays (or for Jack Skellington to accidentally ruin Christmas by replacing all the innocent toys under the tree with Demon Choupette wallets).


Good luck falling asleep tonight.

Images: choupettesdiary/Instagram, Karl Lagerfeld