23 Fantastical Group Halloween Costumes for Celebrating With All Your Coolest Friends

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I have never tried to hide the fact that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I don't just look forward to it. I pine for it the other 11 months of the year, planning my costume months in advance.

Something about Halloween is purely magical: the horror, the comedy, the romance, the way that local movie theaters play Rocky Horror Picture Show every night for weeks. It's a brilliant day — a day that allows you to embrace your inner child and remind yourself not to take life too seriously.

From trick or treating (yes, I still trick or treat) to more grown-up Halloween parties, every aspect of this holiday is for me. And something else I adore about it is that is creates an excuse to be extra silly with your friends or loved ones (not that you need one). Especially when it comes to planning out group costumes.

There are so many possibilities, guys. From classics, like the Star Wars trio, to modern loves like Minecraft, there's a group costume here for you (and all the people you want to embarrass).

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