Dress Like The Lord for Halloween, You Peasants

If you really want a fun character to inhabit for Hallow's eve, I suggest Lord Disick. For all of you fans dressing up all spiffy as well as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, a Scott Disick Halloween costume will give you free license to act like an elitist tool for a night. Ah, the transformative power of disguise! You can address all your friends as "peon," carry a cane, and shout "VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE!!" at inanimate objects. Can you say, best Halloween ever? Damn skippy, peasants.

If there’s any song that perfectly encapsulates Lord Disick’s flamboyant, ostentatious, dandified approach to style, it’s The Kinks' "Dedicated Follower of Fashion." "There's one thing that he loves and that is flattery/ One week he's in polka-dots, the next week he is in stripes." Is that Scott Disick or is that Scott Disick? Because other than his money, his contempt, and his creature comforts, Lord Disick loves his clothing. Sweet, pocket-squared, ascot-bound, foppish yacht-club clothing. The more you look like Pete Campbell’s dad, the better.

Without further ado, here's your guide to dressing like Lord Disick, the consummate fancy man, for Halloween. Get ready to raid your dad's neglected '80s wardrobe for any Patrick Bateman-reminiscent shirts with starched collars. Or, even better, your '40s gangster grandpa's old chest for gentlemanly accessories.

Invest in a slim-fit suit

Something like this one from Zara men.

Or, ya know, find the cheapest approximation of this from The Salvation Army.

If you're feeling friskier than that, opt for a paisley smoking jacket and a bow tie

This little diddy from Men's USA is a bit steep at $225, but ten bucks says you'll find its doppelgänger at the local goodwill.

Who desires to make your acquaintance? EVERYBODY!!

Don't you DARE forget that pocket square

How about 12 of them for $3, handily accessible on Ebay. Variety will serve you well.

Glue your sunglasses to your face for the night

This pair of $24 shades from AJ Morgan will really give you that smug Lordly look.

You will wear them everywhere.

Pop on a pair of velveteen leisure slippers

A $23 pair from Charlotte Russe should to the trick. You just need some gold paint.

Nonchalantly drape a cardigan over your shoulders

How about getting an $18 one from Old Navy and wearing it again? It should transfer well from "d-bag costume" to "totally normal."

Get a cane

A $10 "Steampunk Walking Cane" from Spirit Halloween sounds about right for that.

Adorn yourself with an ermine cape and crown

This slightly modified option from Music in Motion is $19. Perfect for your coronation selfie.

Dress a doll up as your miniature, because Mason Disick

Put this Bitty Baby from EBay...

In this lightly used "Build-a-Bear" suit from EBay...

And you have yourself a little lord!

The end result should resemble this


Image: Giphy (4); Scott Disick/ Instagram (5); Kristina Amber/ YouTube (2); Zara; Men's USA; Goodmakers, vintage-doll, janfeff13/ Ebay; AJ Morgan; Charlotte Russe; Old Navy; Spirit Halloween; Music in Motion