Kelley Actually Seems Cool IRL

by Nicole Fabian-Weber

If you watch Below Deck, you probably have feelings about deckhand, Kelley Johnson. Maybe you think he's hot? (You probably think he's hot.) Maybe you think he's, I dunno, a hard worker? And maybe/definitely probably you think he's a little, um... I don't want to say "douchey," because that's so rude, so how about "cheesy?" Yeah, let's go with cheesy. Do you think Johnson is a little cheesy? At least in the way he handled the whole Jennice situation? (That kiss! Oof!) Well, as it turns out, the Below Deck star is super cool in real life.

Okay, so I've never met Johnson, but I did just read an interview with him, which is basically the same thing, and you guys! He seems really down to earth, and, well, not cheesy at all. Do we have a case of Bravo editing-itis on our hands?

When asked the question: "How are you handling overnight fame and having throngs of fans now that you're a TV star?" Johnson gave a totally non-obnoxious answer. He said:

I have been asked this by friends, and the truth is that I feel the same as before. I don't think I'm famous by any means. I worked and just had cameras recording what I did for six weeks. I am very blessed by the love shown my way, but do I think I'm special? No. I work for a living just like everyone else. But I am very grateful for all my fans. I love everyone who is supporting the show and the cast members.

Pretty cool, right? Johnson doesn't seem cheesy at all! In fact, I kind of want to do a charter with him now. Or maybe, you know, see him at a bar or something less intimate. Either way, he seems way cooler in real life (or in this interview) than he does on the show. Bravo, what have you done?!

Images: Kelley Johnson/Instagram