Joe's Insane if He Wants This Much for the Reunion

I'm just going to cut to the chase here: Joe Giudice needs a swift kick into reality. As we all know, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has fallen on hard times recently, what with a potential jail sentence ahead of him, but is he seriously asking for $30,000 to appear on the RHONJ reunion? Dude. I'd pay $30,000 not to see him on the reunion. (JK, but maybe I'd pay 30 cents.)

According to Radar Online (so, yes, take with a dose of skepticism), Joe knows that Bravo needs both he and Teresa on the reunion to talk about their court case, so he's decided to play hardball. A source claims that Juicy is demanding 30 G's in order to appear on the show — and supposedly if Bravo doesn't cough it up, he's not going to show up.

In a word: Gross.

It isn't surprising that Joe would pull a stunt like this, so I'm actually quite wont to believe this. And if it is true, I really, really hope that Bravo doesn't kowtow to his demands. I mean, sure, it would be semi-interesting to hear what he has to say about the fraud charges, and of course, his sentence if it happens, but let's get real here: Joe isn't exactly a riveting person to watch speak. The man essentially mumbles and grunts. Is that really worth $30,000? I think not.