She's Got A Cool New Beauty Gig

One of my absolute favorite drugstore skincare brands is Olay. Now that actress Katie Holmes is the face of Olay, the brand is sure to get a shot in the arm from the association. Holmes, who was the first Bobbi Brown brand ambassador but has since been replaced by Kate Upton, is a natural beauty with good skin, but that's not what should draw you to Olay. I've been using their products since high school, because I watched my Italian grandmother use the signature "beauty fluid" for years — and she never had a wrinkle.

Now, granted, as a beauty writer/editor, I have been lucky to test products, potions, and lotions of all price points. #BeautyEditorProblems, but also #NotComplainingEver. Yet Olay products remain staples, those to which I return and always keep in my makeup bag, my travel weekender, and my bathroom closet.

Like many little girls, I watched my grandmother get ready whenever I slept over her house. She always had a jar of this lightly rose-scented lotion on her vanity and she would slather it all over her face and her neck. Even during those times when I wasn't watching her, I could smell the faint scent when I hugged her, since it lingered.

But because I loved watching her rituals, I studied what she did and developed a skincare routine while young in an unconscious fashion. Because of her, I started to buy Olay lotions and used them daily, including a generous supply to the neck.

My grandmother never had a wrinkle on her lovely face. I chalk that up to good genes and oily Italian skin, which I thankfully inherited. However, she didn't scrimp on caring for her facial and neck skin and neither will I, and I think Olay products had everything to do with it. PS: I swear the brand's not paying me to write this. I really am just obsessed.

These are my favorite products that are totally worth working them into your daily skincare routine now. Once you do it for three weeks, it becomes rote and regimented, so what are you waiting for?

1. Foaming Face Wash

I love this stuff because it cleanses thoroughly, removing even stubborn traces of mascara that maybe my eye makeup remover left behind. But it doesn't strip my skin in the process. My face feels so fresh and so clean, not tight, after splashing and rinsing. ($4.99,

2. Complete All Day Moisturizer With Sunscreen

I never go outside without SPF on my face, even during those bitter polar vortex-y days. I slather this on my face and neck after showering, and then go about making my bed and feeding my dog while the lotion sinks in. I give it five minutes to absorb before putting on powder or foundation. I feel moisturized, protected, and ready to "face" the day. ($9.99,

3. Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid

The classic! You can't go wrong with such a classic, really. Sometimes, I dab tiny bit on my face, near my eyes, and on my neck after washing my face and before bed. I prefer to let my skin breathe at night and don't do a heavy duty facial moisturizer. On those nights that I feel extra dry, this is my go to. If you crave a light nighttime moisture, this is a best bet. ($7.99,

4. Fresh Effects Exfoliating Wet Cloths

These smell super duper fresh and floral and they erase all makeup and dirt from the day. They are also good for fixing makeup mistakes when used carefully. ($4.99,

5. Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer aka BB Cream

I love using this BB Cream on weekends or when I am not in the mood for powder. It smells amaze, like the Fresh Effects wipes, with a spring-like, fresh scent that isn't heavy. I apply it with the pink, egg-shaped Beauty Blender sponge. This allows for some seriously even skintone... without feeling like I am wearing a lot of product. ($12.99,

Images: Giphy (1); Olay (5)