Report: UN Chemical Inspection Team Heads to Syria Gas Attack Site, Gets Shot At By Snipers

Unidentified shooters opened fire on the UN disarmament team's motorcade in Syria Monday as they set out to begin their inspection, the United Nations has said.

As the UN inspection team headed out from their hotel to the site of Wednesday's chemical attacks in Damascus, one of the cars in the convoy reportedly came under gunfire.

"The first vehicle of the Chemical Weapons Investigation Team was deliberately shot at multiple times by unidentified snipers in the buffer zone area, " said a statement released by the UN.

It appears no one was injured in the shootings, but the convoy was forced to return to a checkpoint and replace their vehicle. According to the statement, the team will be continuing with their work and return to the area.

But even small holdups might mess with the team's findings.

"Every hour counts. We cannot afford any more delays. We have all seen the horrifying images on our television screens and through social media. Clearly this was a major and terrible incident," UN chief Ban Ki-Moon has said. He has also called the use of chemical weapons a crime against humanity that should be punished.

The Syrian regime had previously reached an agreement with the UN top disarmament chief Angela Kane, who'd arrived in the country Saturday to let the UN carry out their investigation. Both the government and the rebels had also accepted a ceasefire in order to let the inspectors thoroughly and safely gather evidence.