8 TV Shows That Threw the Whole Cast into Bed for a Totally Absurd Promo Pic — PHOTOS

What gets you excited for a new season of your favorite TV show? Obviously, a portrait of its characters falling asleep. Or, well, at least that seems to be what the networks think. Think of all the TV promos you've seen of a TV show's cast lounging sultrily in bed over the years. It seems that fatigued attractive people never go out of style.

From Gossip Girl, to One Tree Hill, to Friends, the publicity photos for copious shows picture the cast lying in bed sexily. What's the subtext? "This season on BLAH, more inter-dating, more come-hither pouting, more BONING, and more nap time."

Let's take a look at some shining examples of the "everybody in bed" TV promotional picture. Time to treat this mattress like a freakin' clown car.

Image: The CW

by Arielle Dachille

'One Tree Hill'

Just gonna rest my eyes here for a moment.

Image: The CW

'Gossip Girl'

Being wealthy, hot, and scandalous is so exhausting.

Image: New York Magazine

'Queer As Folk'

Oh, wait…Sorry! Could you move? My leg is falling asleep.

Image: Showtime


Sexy dog pile, everybody!

Image: E4


Like neat little spoons in a drawer.

Image: NBC

'How I Met Your Mother'

You guys are hogging the covers.

Image: CBS

'Desperate Housewives'

If you lie languidly on top something, including a pile of apples, it can be a bed!

Image: ABC


There’s always one couple in the crowd that insists on hooking up, despite the presence of four other people in the bed. RUDE!

Image: BBC