The 11 Most Basic Halloween Costumes Of All Time, From Miley Cyrus To Every Sexy Profession Out There

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Halloween is the perfect holiday. It's just you, your couch, pumpkin-themed decorations, an absurd amount of candy, and a Halloweentown marathon. For most young people, Halloween is also the perfect opportunity to be a little silly. And if you're a girl, it's an excuse to dress in lingerie. Admit it or not, we've all been there at one point or another. It's fun to be uber sexy once in a while, so hey — no judgment here.

It's a fact of Halloween that there are going to be a few costumes that girls (read: Basics Bitches) are always, always, always going to find an excuse to wear. Because while a sexy pirate costume may not make much sense when you think too hard, it is sexy, so it's acceptable.

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