The 9 Best Hair Perfumes On The Market From Burberry To Oribe — And Yes, This Is Totally A Thing

When it comes to haircare, a product's most important property is its ability to beautify or enhance your locks; however, if the best hair serum on the market gives you a headache due to an overwhelming scent, the effect simply isn't worth it. Bearing this notion in mind in addition to consumers' needs for beautifully-scented locks, a handful of companies have debuted hair fragrances. Yes, these divine, bottled perfumes are formulated specifically for your mane. But which ones carry a pleasing aroma, and which fall flat? To help you decide which hair fragrance is your perfect match, here are nine perfumes which I've found particularly intoxicating.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Hair Mist

This jasmine and patchouli-scented fragrance takes after the popular perfume of the same name. Those who adore a standout scent will love its mashup of saccharine and strong notes, but if you favor natural fragrances, Flowerbomb may not be the one for you.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Hair Mist, $115, Amazon

Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist Rose Fraiche

Fans of Fekkai’s deliciously scented Technician Color Care line will love the light fragrance of Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist Rose Fraiche. The brand also offers a vanilla-scented version which evokes the smell of Fekkai’s PrX Reparatives line, and a mintier version evocative of Fekkai’s Full Blown Volume line. However, the Rose Fraiche scent is the most similar to a true perfume.

Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist Rose Fraiche, $20, Amazon

Bottega Veneta Luxury Hair Mist

Fans of Bottega Veneta’s Italian coast-evoking fragrance will flock to this subtle, sophisticated hair mist.

Bottega Veneta Luxury Hair Mist, $55, BottegaVeneta

Marchesa Parfum D'Extase Hair Mist

If you appreciate an elegant fragrance with an amalgamation of feminine, floral notes, you’ll fall for this Marchesa Hair Mist.

Marchesa Parfum D’Extase Hair Mist, $85, Amazon

Oribe Cote d'Azur Eau de Parfum

Oribe’s haircare products possess the type of rich, intoxicating scent you wish you could find in a perfume—and now you can. The company’s new Cote d’Azur Eau De Parfum has the perfect woodsy, citrusy scent for those who don’t want their locks to smell of candy.

Oribe Cote d’Azur Eau de Parfum, $85, Amazon

Frederick Malle Carnal Flower Hair Mist

At $170, Frederick Malle’s Carnal Flower Hair Mist is more of an investment than other hair fragrances, but the product is worth its price tag for the iconic, gardenia-infused scent.

Frederick Malle Carnal Flower Hair Mist, $170, Barneys

Serge Normant Avah Eau de Parfum

Serge Normant channeled the heady scent of his lauded haircare products into this jasmine and amber-scented eau for your locks and wherever else you spritz your perfume.

Serge Normant Avah Eau de Parfum, $60, Amazon

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Hair Mist

Narciso Rodriguez’s head-turning perfume infused with amber and chypre is now available in a hair mist form. The lush mist is ideal for those who crave a stronger scent with soft undertones.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Hair Mist, $60, Amazon

Burberry Brit Rhythm Hair Mist

Infused with statement-making musk, sweet orange blossom, and lush lavender, this hair mist is ideal for those who want a bit of Burberry spirit without breaking the bank for a couture trench.

Burberry Brit Rhythm Hair Mist, $44, Amazon