She Wants Kate Middleton to Wear Her Underwear

Bless Britney Spears' heart. The sweet lil' pop star from Louisiana actually thinks the Duchess of Cambridge would wear her underwear. Okay, that sounded bad. Let me explain: Britney Spears wants Kate Middleton to wear the lingerie she's designed. In fact, Spears is so eager to get Middleton in a pair of her signature skivvies, she's sending the mama-to-be the entire collection of her Intimate by Britney Spears line — all 12 "stories." Yes, the various bras and undies, etc. from Spears' collection are called "stories." Like it.

Now, if anyone would look great in Spears', or anyone's, underwear, it's the future Queen of England. The woman's got legs for days, and, as we've famously seen, Middleton can work it in lingerie. But is the Duchess going to slipping into something more comfortable, compliments of Spears', any time in the near future? Doubtful. I mean, I love the pop star just as much as the next early 2000's-loving gal, but the Duchess wearing Intimate by Britney Spears is kind of like the Queen wearing sweatpants with the word PINK emblazoned across the butt: something about it just doesn't make sense.

But, hey, this shouldn't stop Spears from sending a few stories over to Kensington Palace. Someone is bound to benefit from the box of goodies. I could totally see the Duchess giving one of her ladies in waiting Spears' lingerie... and then getting into her car and blasting "Lucky" all the way to La Perla.

Image: Vanity Fair