Kesha Totally Just Pulled a Taylor Swift

It's time for another round of Who Wore It Better: Cat Edition! Kesha was spotted yesterday carrying a new feline friend through LAX, and her fluffy adornment reminded me of T. Swift's accessory of choice as of late. Think Kesha is taking a page from America's sweetheart's book in order to look a little more wholesome? (I have to admit, it's still a reflex to type Ke$ha, though she's changed it back to her regular letters-only name in an effort to ditch her crazy-girl persona.) Even if that is the case, she works that cat like a new Prada tote.

Though the cats do look pretty cute all cuddled up in their moms' arms, the stars' kitten carrying is sparking some controversy. According to The Daily Mail, animal rights enthusiasts are alleging it's not safe to be toting cats like that around in busy places, because they scare easy and could escape their owners' grips. Especially with all of that paparazzi around -- let's hope the kitties aren't afraid!

Another questionable decision photographed: Kesha's outfit. While I'm not fully opposed to red and pink, I do think this ensemble is a little too Mean Girls Era, circa 2004. And doesn't she know that on Wednesdays we wear pink? Pluse, those sparkly blue and silver platforms...not a fan.

Verdict: I generally prefer Taylor Swift's outfits, but I think Kesha might win the battle of the cute cats. The name Olivia Benson does give Taylor Swift's cat some points, though -- it's a pretty great kitty moniker.