Is This Condom Cookbook For Real?!

I never thought I would have cause to use the words “condom” and “cookbook” in conjunction with each other, but, well… I was wrong. A condom cookbook actually exists; it’s called Condom Meals I Want to Make for You, and it’s available on Amazon Japan. For reals. I am not making this up.

Created by manga writer Kyosuke Kagami, who's best known for the title Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous, Condom Meals I Want to Make for You features 11 recipes that use condoms as cooking or serving tools. Condom meat stuffing? It’s got that. Condom escargot cooked with butter? It’s got that, too. There’s some condom sushi in there, too, and condom cookies are on the menu for dessert. Uh… yum? Or something?

But Condom Meals I Want to Make for You isn’t just an oddity; it actually serves a pretty important purpose. According to NariNari (via Kotaku, because I don’t speak Japanese and Google Translate's version of the page is mostly unreadable gibberish), Japanese men are the third worst condom users in the world; the book, therefore, is an effort to raise awareness about condoms, with the end goal of cutting down on sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy. Death and Taxes points out that the recipes do appear to be legit, though, so if you’ve ever wanted to try cooking with condoms… now’s your chance. Just, y’know… wash off all the lube and whatnot first. Unless you're planning on using the flavored variety for added spice.

For the curious, here’s what the cover and the condom sushi look like:

Nice presentation. Well done there. Gordon Ramsay would be pleased.

... Or not.

I suppose at least it’s a more interesting alternative use of condoms than your standard water balloons?

Images: peachy92/Flickr; Amazon Japan; Giphy