Is He Single? Are You Scared to Know the Truth?

There's something that's been leaving so many of us scratching our heads for the past year or so. Something we’ve all wondered but were too afraid to ask in case our worst fears were confirmed. For one, it deals with the delicate nature of the heart. For another, it deals with the man we’ve all been fantasizing about. That’s right, I’m wondering if Tom Hiddleston’s single, and you should go ahead and admit that you are too. It’s actually a matter of international security, considering he’s from London. And it's an intergalactic matter, too, seeing as his most famous character, Loki, lived in Asgard. So I’m really doing a service to the entire universe by investigating this.

Let’s start off with what we know. Hiddleston, like many celebrities, has been tight-lipped about his dating history, though there were a few recent rumors involving actresses Jessica Chastain and Lara Pulver. Both ladies made light of the reports, and there hasn't been any reason to believe any secret relationships are brewing.

So what about now? Is Hiddleston single? Here are some reasons he’s probably not dating anyone.

He Would Tell Us

Despite last summer’s relationship with record producer Jane Arthy — everyone nearly fainted when the Elle UK editor-in-chief tweeted that she sat next to Tom Hiddleston and his girlfriend Jane at Wimbledon — by fall Hiddleston was saying he was single. In an interview with British GQ he said,

I understand the curiosity. I hope when there’s really something to write about, then I’ll be able to talk.

See? When it’s serious, Hiddleston won’t be able to contain himself and all his feels and would want the whole world to know.

We haven’t seen him hand-in-hand with anyone

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In 2010, Hiddleston was rumored to be dating Thor costar Kat Dennings and her hilarious self. Seriously, this was one couple I rooted for. Of course, there was no official word about their relationship, but they were hand-in-hand at Comic Con and at a few other events, but they broke up in 2011 before the movie was released. Hand-in-hand, you guys. If we were in second grade, that would practically be marriage right there.

He Didn't Challenge an S.O. to the Ice Bucket Challenge

Nope. Instead, Hiddleston and his see-through white T-shirt challenged chums Benedict Cumberbatch and Luke Evans. I feel like he would've included a significant other if he had one — not that Benedict or Luke aren't significant or other people in their own right.

His Tweets Aren't Romantic

Well, "mad descent into chaos" does have a poetic feeling to it, but I mean he hasn't tweeted much in the romance department recently. He actually doesn't tweet too often, but his most recent tweets support Emma Watson's #HeforShe campaign and talk about his upcoming film High Rise. Other than that, Hiddleston is either containing his emotions really well or is single and is focusing his energies on taking selfies with his boss as seen above.

He's Going to Be in the Rebooted King Kong

I can't be the only one who slapped their forehead when they heard that Hiddleston was going to be in Skull Island am I? As much as I love Hiddleston, I can't see why he took on this role. I'll keep mum and open to this, but I feel like a significant other would make him think long and hard about this decision, seeing as the last King Kong remake was so long and boring. Two words you never want an S.O. to say to you.

He Still Only Knows One Rap Song

He's been peddling Will Smith's "Miami" in past interviews, and you would think that maybe someone special in his life would convince him to memorize some Jay Z, or maybe even some Dre featuring Slim Shady.

So, how about it, ladies and gentlemen? Can you imagine yourself with the very single Hiddleston? I mean, if you give me one of those Tom Hiddleston coloring books I probably can.

I don't feel too bad drawing myself in while he's single.

Images: Getty (2); Tom Hiddleston Gifs/tumblr