Your Complete Guide To The Best #Bendgate Memes

Less than a week after the iPhone 6 launched in stores, it's been hit with scandal worthy of a hashtag. After users started posting on Apple forums that the iPhone 6 bends after being stored in pants pockets, the hashtag #Bendgate started trending on Twitter. And you can't have a hashtag without memes, which seem to abound when the subject of mockery is Apple. In fact, Apple is such a popular target for lampooning that even brands have joined in, and their contributions are priceless.

The iPhone 6 is significantly thinner than its predecessors and also, as it turns out, more malleable. Users started posting on MacRumors on Sunday, just two days after the phone hit store shelves, that sitting down with your iPhone 6 in your pants pocket seems to bend the device. "Maybe at 5.5" it is too thin?" one user chides.

On Thursday, Apple responded to the complaints, which in actuality came out to only nine total. That's nine people out of the more than 10 million who have purchased the iPhone 6. Apple assured its customers that the new phone is made of custom-grade anodized aluminum, which is tempered for extra durability, and that it had in fact been put through a sit test using tight pants, so any warping should be very rare. In other words, #Bendgate is blowing the device's flaw way out of proportion.

But that doesn't make the memes any less funny.

Look at it bend!

So. Many. Mock. Ads.

But not to worry, there's a way to fix it!

The iPhone 6 is apparently so much fun to mock, even brands are doing it.

It's not just rival phone companies, either.

I mean, even Amnesty International jumped on the #Bendgate bandwagon.

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