Mary-Kate's Most Likely Secretly Married

Ah ha! We've solved the crime (er, cleared up some harmless rumors) all before Thursday night dinner time. After much speculation about the status of their relationship, Lucky is reporting that Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy are married. Like, for realsies. The source of this confirmation? One very incredibly adorable photo of the couple sharing a meal together.

"But lots of people who aren't married to each other eat stuff together," you may protest. Yes, but do they do it while wearing matching gold bands on their left ring fingers?! I think not. Obviously, the lack of wedding photos blowing up your Twitter feed means that if they did get married it was a very private ceremony. Or none at all. Gosh, the Olsens will always be so much cooler/chicer/classier than me.

Olsen and Sarkozy were engaged back in March and, according to The Daily Mail, she's been seen flashing her massive engagement ring around plenty. Now, however, the giant gold ring has moved to her right hand, with this new, delicate band taking its place on the left. Though the only confirmation of the marriage is from "an anonymous, well-connected source," I'd say this looks pretty legit to me. Congrats, you crazy kids!