Only Clooney Can Get a Historic City to Do This

I thought it was a feat only Kim Kardashian could pull off, but turns out I was wrong — George Clooney just pulled a pre-wedding move way more baller than Kardashian did for her wedding to Kanye West earlier this year. According to Perez Hilton, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's wedding may have prompted the city of Venice, Italy to shut down its Grand Canal for the duration of the event, citing security concerns and heightened paparazzi activity. None of this is confirmed yet, but I do have to say, the decision would make a lot of sense if it's true.

According to the city, the walkways accessing the 16th Century Cavalli Palace will be closed for at least two hours on Monday and the reasoning bluntly stated 'the George Clooney wedding' LOL! [...]

But an anonymous Venice city official continued saying that the closure is to prevent crowds and avoid a risk in safety for those involved! Plus, they added that this kind of closure is not out of the ordinary!

Two things: Perez Hilton uses a lot of exclamation marks (So! Much! Excitment!), and Clooney just got a very historic city to shut down a very historic landmark just for him and his lovely lady, because their wedding is taking place nearby — and it doesn't seem like he even had to ask. His life seems so awesome.

Not really referenced is whether or not the canals themselves will be closed, though — just the walkways leading to the wedding's location are mentioned. Part of me wonders if this means we're going to see paparazzi commandeering boats to get to this thing, but I'd hope that the city officials in Venice would have foresight of this sort of thing happening and taking the necessary precautions as well. After all, not closing the canals and just closing the walkways would kind of make the closure itself pointless, right?

Clooney is set to marry Alamuddin this weekend in Venice.