Where Can You Find 'Shark Tank's' Hammer & Nails?

I'll never forget the day my mother said to me, "Jodi, you can always tell a man by his fingernails." That's not true; she never said that — she's a very non-judgmental woman. But that's the stock Hammer & Nails, a nail salon for men, is selling and they've got a pretty good point. In the Season 6 Shark Tank premiere, Hammer & Nails - The Nail Shop for Guys will just be a business, standing in front of five sharks, asking them to help turn it into a franchise. As of now, if you're a man who wants to get your nails done surrounded by other men getting their nails done, while in an atmosphere that smells of leather and rich mahogany, you'll have to book the first flight to the West Coast, because there's currently only one location in L.A., on Melrose Avenue. But I have a feeling that after pitching to a couple of modern men with finer tastes like Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O' Leary, nail art for men could be coming to a location near you.

Hammer & Nails was founded in March of 2013, and just a year and a half later, they'll be talking equity and market value with Mark Cuban and the gang... that's a pretty good turnaround. Now, let's just hope this MAN-icure business is as exciting as it seems.

You guys, its founder wrote Like Mike

Two years ago, while getting a manicure in a salon with magazines that catered to women, decor that fit women, and, well, a lot of women, Michael Elliot was not into it and decided that he wanted to enjoy some pampering in a place that catered specifically to men. That's when he got the idea for Hammer & Nails, a nail salon for men that carries the look of a man cave. But Michael Elliot isn't just an entrepreneur, he's also a very successful screenwriter whose films include Carmen: A Hip-Hopera, cinematic classic Like Mike, and Just Wright with Queen Latifah, and have generated over $115 million. That is a ridiculous track record I can get behind.

This is a man's place for manly men things

Michael Elliot set out to create an environment where all men could feel comfortable pampering themselves, and just nine days after opening the Hollywood storefront on Nov. 9, 2013, it was already being featured on TMZ. Clearly he knows how to market a business.

Aesthetic + Sales = Investor

The place just looks good. With big leather chairs, flat screen TVs, slick chrome finishes, and a frankly handsome CEO, Hammer & Nails is the kind of place you could see easily fitting into Chelsea in New York City or Georgetown in DC. If it's got the sales to back up the look, Hammer & Nails could be buffing out your callouses in no time.

Images: blau-rosa, thisadvertisinglife /Tumblr