This 'A to Z' Star Is No Stranger To TV

When I first sat down to watch the pilot for NBC's new romantic comedy A To Z , I'll admit my expectations were a little low. All I could remember about the pilot was that it had something to do with relationships — I couldn't differentiate it from the similar new ABC series Manhattan Love Story or that other upcoming NBC series, Marry Me. Luckily, that didn't dissuade me from watching the series, which I actually found to be rather adorable. It had the DNA of How I Met Your Mother with a stronger focus on the actual point of the show: Finding — and keeping — love. But I'll admit that the thing — or rather, the person — that really kept me intrigued was one of the series' stars, Ben Feldman.

You may recognize star of the show Feldman (he plays the love interest of Cristin Milioti, aka "the mother" on How I Met Your Mother) from somewhere, but if you can't quite place the actor, don't worry — I happen to be a Feldman expert. Here's where you know A To Z star Feldman from. (Hint: There are actually a lot of places.)

That Hilary Duff/Heather Locklear Vehicle The Perfect Man

There was a time in the early '00s when a boy who wore a long sleeved shirt under a short sleeved shirt was the automatic love interest in every movie. Feldman was one of those boys. He played Adam, an artistic student pining after Hilary Duff's character Holly.

As A Party Goer In Cloverfield

What do you mean you don't remember Feldman's iconic role as Travis in the J.J. Abrams-produced found footage film? That guy was kind of a big deal at that party, flirting with the main character's love interest and everything. (I mean, okay, he was not as big of a deal as the Godzilla-like monster that attacked New York City, but still.)

Extreme Movie

I have never seen Extreme Movie — which weirdly isn't another one of those Scary Movie spinoffs a la Date Movie — and from the sound of this film, I never will. It's essentially a series of vignettes that form into one long teen sex comedy, and at the risk of sounding like a total prude, the skits seem a little WTF — let's just say that they don't call it Extreme Movie for nothing. Perhaps the film's saving grace (it has a not-promising 18 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes) is the fact that it boasts actors like Michael Cera, Kevin Hart, and (my own personal crush) Matthew Lillard.

But I don't know. And I will never watch it.

As An Angel On Drop Dead Diva

And here's something that I do watch: Lifetime's ah-mazing Drop Dead Diva. If you haven't watched it, it's sort of like a body-switching movie combined with Legally Blonde, and if you like either of those things (who doesn't), you will adore this show. You will particularly enjoy Feldman's role as guardian angel Fred, who, sadly, leaves the show in Season 4.

As A Copywriter On Mad Men

Feldman has played copywriter Michael Ginsberg since 2012, making his first appearance in the second episode of Season 5. Sure, he's fantastic on it, but did I mention how much I missed Fred on Drop Dead Diva?

As One Of Mindy's Dates On The Mindy Project

Feldman plays a high-brow journalist who can't deal with Mindy's love of Katy Perry and The Real Housewives. Luckily, he gets over his jerkiness and serenades her a ukelale version of "Teenage Dream."

As An Explorer In As Above So Below

Feldman plays an American tourist exploring the Paris catacombs — and his own personal hell — in this found footage horror film. Stay safe, Feldman.

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