Should Chris Martin Introduce Her to His Kids?

Yes, Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence are still a thing. Rather, yes, Martin and Lawrence are still allegedly a thing. The couple has still not confirmed that they are dating, but we do finally have pictures of Lawrence and Martin in the same place and the Internet has finally given them a proper portmanteau ship name: LawMart. However, in lieu of actual details from the couple themselves, crazy stories keep flying about the status of Lawrence's maybe-relationship. The latest crazy story? According to Radar Online, Martin wants to introduce Lawrence to his children. Why is it crazy? The two have only been together for about a month with only about four or five known dates under their belt.

Ignoring the fact that the rumor also mentions Gwyneth Paltrow's reaction to this news even though I would still really like it if we left Paltrow out of Martin and Lawrence's relationship news, I actually don't think this is as crazy as it actually is. No doubt you should probably wait longer than a month before introducing your children to the first woman you're dating after your children's mother; divorces are hard enough on children without the confusion of their parents dating again and getting attached to a new mother or father figure that might not last. However, the combination of Lawrence and children just sounds like a match made in heaven.

Just think about the facts.

1. They eat the same foods.

Or pizza. Or cake balls. Or Doritos, eaten with such passion and joy that the dust gets all over your very expensive clothes. Lawrence and children just speak the same language.

2. They have the same lack of filter.

But at least they're all potty trained. Right?

3. They have the same traits in common.

Lawrence is funny and adorable. Apple and Moses are probably funny and adorable. And certainly Lawrence having a playdate with Apple and Moses would be funny and adorable. She's like every child's babysitting dream. She'd probably let you have cookies before dinner and stay up to watch Spongebob.

4. They like to play with toys.

I mean, I should hope that Moses and Apple don't have toy knives, but you know what I mean. And, technically, at Lawrence's age, her toys are props. That doesn't mean she wouldn't spread out on the floor to play with some Hot Wheels or a doll house, though. She's like the cool aunt everyone wishes that they had.

5. They're on the same level of energy.

Martin might get tired, but Lawrence has an inexhaustible well of energy that will carry her through several thousand games of Hide and Seek.

6. They have shared interests.

Enough said.

Image: Rebloggy; that-blond-full-of-light/Tumblr