Animals Discovering Human Things (Awwww!)

Is there anything cuter than baby animals discovering something for the first time? No. No, there is not. And it’s even cuter when the animal in question is your beloved pet, and the thing they’re discovering is something from the human world. Case in point: Jezebel posted a video yesterday of a puppy popping a balloon — and its level of confusion after its toy vanishes into thin air with a loud and startling bang? Is all kinds of amazing. Admittedly, I feel kind of bad for it; it’s trying so hard to find out where that damn balloon went, and it’s never going to find out the answer. Not to get all unnecessarily philosophical on you, but is that not the perfect metaphor for life? In some respect, we’re all that puppy; the hunt for the disappearing balloon may be ultimately fruitless, but it’s not finding it that counts. It’s the fact that we bothered to look for it in the first place.

But enough pretentiousness. It’s Friday, so here — have some adorableness in the form of 10 super cute animals discovering human things for the first time. From puppies eating limes to bunnies experiencing the joys of unrolling toilet paper, they’re exactly what we need right now. Go on. You deserve it. All together, now: Awwwww!

1. Puppy Pops a Balloon

Here’s the video that inspired this post. I want to cuddle that puppy so. Badly.

2. Kitten Explores a Mirror

"You guys! I found my evil twin! Stay back! IT MUST BE DESTROYED!"

3. Duck Eats Pizza

Teenage Mutant Ninja Ducklings?

4. Baby Tiger Jumps on the Couch

I can't say I recommend keeping a tiger as a pet, but is this heart-meltingly adorable or what?

5. Armadillo Eats Peanut Butter


6. Puppy Tastes a Lime

Second in cuteness only to this video of babies eating lemons for the first time.

7. Kitten Examines a Bathtub

He looks... skeptical.

8. Parrot Munches on Some Pomegranate Seeds

They don’t seem too impressed, but oh well. Pomegranates aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

9. Bunny Discovers Toilet Paper

“Guys! Check this out! It’s a never ending roll!

10. Foxes Jump on a Trampoline

OK, yes, I used the full video from whence this GIF came yesterday — but you know what? It never gets old. You can actually see the exact moment the foxes figure out something neat is happening, and it’s priceless.

Images: William Doran/Flickr; Giphy (5)