Reasons Shorties With Short Hair Rule

I cut off all my hair about three years ago, and I've never looked back. Sure, its style has changed since then – I've done the classic pixie, the sloppy pixie, the bleached mop, the ombre extreme side-part, and other combinations that could also double as the name of a Brooklyn-based math band. But short hair? It's it for me.

I've never felt more fully myself with any other look. I check out old photos and cringe at the assorted long 'dos I was so sure were "me". Most of the time I looked like a cross between a Manson Family member and also maybe Axl Rose. It was no bueno. That said, I did get some excellent mileage out of the bandanas that had long been taking up residence inside my sock and undies drawer.

If you're thinking about getting a pixie cut, there are a lot of "don'ts" bandied about. Folks will say not to do it all at once, to listen to your hairdresser (and to be prepared to give up the dream if they advise against it), and to hold off if you're going through a big life change. To which I say -- YOU DO YOU, BOO. If your heart wants short hair, go out and get what your heart wants! This applies to most things in life, minus murder and child abduction. If you're still on the fence, allow me to share with you 12 reasons having short hair is BALLER:

Because People Will Want To Do You

Fact: I've gotten more tail with short hair than I ever did with long hair. Don't let the magazines fool you – there are people that dig it, and they will flock. Also, taking a page from Ms. Ryder's book: WHO CARES IF A DUDE LIKES IT?! This is for you, dawg.

Because You're a Trend Setter

You've been rocking short locks for years, and at this point it's starting to feel like you can't handle another celeb "bringing back the pixie". We know, we know – you did it first. Being cool is indeed a burden. It is also awesome.

Because Halloween Is a No-Brainer

Two words: Rosemary's Baby. It's the ideal Halloween costume for a short-haired girl! That said, last year I did go as Rapunzel. You know. For Irony.

Because Short Hair Has Nothing to Hide

It's not a haircut for shrinking violets. Tough, smart, women with convictions deserve a tough smart haircut. There's no hair to hide behind, and you've got the confidence in spades.

Because Short Hair Encourages Sass

And couldn't we all use a little more brash sass in our lives?

Because Shorties With Shorties Are Happier

It is a scientific fact (that I just made up) that short hair makes you happier. Do not believe me? Just look at J. Law! The smile don't lie.

Because Trims Are Optional

Sure, you've heard about that "awkward growing out" period. Well I am here to tell you that it's a myth. Your short hair will grow, because that's what hair does. But that doesn't mean you need to hide it under a hat between cuts – rock that transitional look LIKE A BOSS. It's easy, fun, and cool. Trust Twiggy.

Because It Takes Less Time to Get Ready

Whether you put product in it, towel it dry, futz, sculpt, or leave it wet and go, the odds are extremely high that it will STILL take you less time to get ready than at least roughly half of the high maintenance dudes in your life.


Wear your biggest hoops, don your brightest lipstick – without hair in the way, you'll find yourself itching to make all manner of statements and a stellar jewelry and makeup collection will follow.

Because Yes, You DO Look Good With Short Hair

Somewhere along the way we forgot that short hair can be the epitome of class in addition to being edge supreme. Worried your features are "too soft" for short hair? Meet Audrey Hepburn. Your argument is invalid. There is a short cut for every face!

Because Short Is Bold, And Bold Is Awesome

You know who rocks an awesome dome of short, short hair? ROBYN. You know who is awesome? ROBYN. Coincidence? MAYBE. But I'm going to go ahead and say it's not. Rather, her short locks are the secret to her success. You think a long-haired girl can pull off a cropped mohair sweater? You are dreaming.

Because Not Everyone Can Pull It Off

Far be it for me to speak ill of Anne Hathaway but like, you ain't see Demi Moore cry when she got shaved bald, now did you? Though I suppose to be fair Demi Moore was not a dying, abused prostitute in 19th century Paris, so there's that. STILL.

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