DIY Your Own Rose Water (Trust Me, You Need This)

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While water is arguably the best all-natural ingredient for hair and skin products, every so often I feel the need to dress up that boring, filtered stuff necessary for a great toner or leave-in conditioner to feel like I'm getting the ultimate spa treatment. The right plant or herb can turn your plain old water into a skin couture that will rock your skin and hair into rejuvenation. Right now, my favorite way to achieve this is to make rose water at home. I'll admit, I was previously too cheap and skeptical to purchase my own rose water, but the health benefits had me staring longingly at a pricey bottle of rose water with several other ingredients before reluctantly moving on.

For centuries, roses have been a symbol of forgiveness, a symbol of "I Love You," and a symbol of balance that we all long for at one point or another. If a bouquet of roses doesn't earn you balance in your everyday life, you can rest assured that those plush petals will maintain pH levels in your skin and hair. In Greek mythology, the rose symbolizes a mortal love that cannot be replaced. In real life, roses are a powerful anti-aging tool that softens and revitalizes skin cells while toning our skin with a bouquet of vitamin C. It is believed that Cleopatra's beauty was owed to the nourishing properties of the rose water she used daily. Roses are naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which are major components for clear, healthy skin. Hey, if it worked for a queen...

Obviously, I decided that if Cleopatra could make her own rose water without electricity this should be no problem for me — sometimes, you just need to feel like a princess. I purchased a dozen red roses to make approximately 1 liter of rose water for my beauty needs. First things first, cut the stems off your roses and then simply peel the petals from the bulb.

Place your petals in a large saucepan and add a 1.5 liters of filtered water. Let the striking potion boil for at least 15 minutes and mix occasionally; you'll notice the petals will start to lighten dramatically and that definitely means you are doing it right!

Finally, strain your rose petals into a large bowl, pressing on the remaining petals to extract any leftover water. Allow your rose water to cool before you apply to your hair or skin; the rose water should keep up to 4 weeks when refrigerated. I strongly recommend keeping your creation in a container that is NOT clear to keep your rose water healthy.

Now that you've made your OWN rose water, here are all the amazing things you can do with it.

1. Hydrating Face Mist

Want to smell totally irresistible? Put rose water into a small spray bottle and spritz your face throughout the day giving it moisture and nourishment throughout the day.

2. Skin Toner

I'm a firm believer that the best face toners are water based. Sub in rose-infused water for a natural daily toner to increase your skin's elasticity, diminish fine lines, and keep wrinkles at bay!

3. Treat Under Eye Puffiness

Tearing up over this season of Scandal? Dip a cotton ball in rose water and apply underneath your eyes to get rid of dark circles and puffiness. The anti-inflammatory action in rose water will make everyone believe you are on a normal sleep schedule.

4. Eye Makeup Remover

Yes y'all, there is a way to remove eye makeup without your eye balls burning and putting extra product on your face. Use rose water to take off even the most serious of smoky eyes.

5. Acne-Fighting Astringent

If you are looking to keep a far distance between yourself and acne, use rose water and fresh lemon juice on a freshly washed face to cleanse oily skin and encourage healthy oil production. This remedy will zap pimples before they become a very visible issue.

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