Zendaya Wears Pharrell-Style Hat, So Let's Imagine What This Statement Piece Would Say if Hats Could Talk

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You know when people suggest that you add a "statement piece" to an otherwise conservative outfit? Last night at the Teen Vogue "Young Hot Hollywood Party," Zendaya wore a Pharrell-style hat and took "statement piece" about as literally as it can be interpreted. I'm not kidding though. Her Armani topper was humungous enough to rival the comically large headwear of Pharrell, the patron saint of comically large headwear. Erstwhile, the hat declared loud and clear: "I am saying important things in the non-verbal language of fashion."

As far as we're able to anthropomorphize objects, what exactly would Zendaya's hat say if given the power of speech? For starters, It's obviously throwing prodigious shade at the Arby's logo.

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