Andre 3000 Is Jimi Hendrix, All The Style Moments You Need to Be Convinced

Mr. Hendrix is that you? The much-anticipated flick Jimi: All Is By My Side premiered last night, starring Andre Benjamin, and rumor has it, the Outkast member known as Andre 3000, did a pretty good job. That comes as no surprise, of course, since all of the photos leading up to the film requires a second glance to confirm that the man in the posters is Mr. Three Stacks and not Hendrix himself. But seriously, who else would have done Jimi Hendrix suitable justice, being that the two are pretty much the same person, let their style tell it.

Movie critics seem to be pleased, more with Benjamin's performance than the story itself. What's lacking, as most reviews are stating, is Hendrix's original music in the film. Although it is indeed strange to think about one of music's most memorable icons sans his actual music, there is a bit of insight that might help critics cool their jets. According to Salon, Hendrix's musical estate is "tied up in legal knots," rendering it difficult to feature some of the wicked guitarist's popular tunes (my personal favorite is "She's a Fox"). Nonetheless, the film's director, John Ridley (Oscar-winning screenwriter of 12 Years A Slave), decided that the show must go on. And it does, with what critics are declaring an epic performance by Benjamin, who told Rolling Stone just how hard he worked to sound "Jimi-ish."

If studied closely, the coming-of-age of Benjamin's style often plays homage to the late Hendrix, whether intentional or not. Both men are seemingly handsome and could be my Man Crush Everday, forever.

Yes, Mr. Benjamin. Forever.

From wicked Afros to almost-matching vests, it's almost difficult to imagine that Andre 3000 and Hendrix are of two seemingly different musical decades, but must have similar walk-in closets from which their outfits of the day undoubtedly emerge. Check out all the style moments that kept these two dapper gentlemen so fresh and so clean and my heart in a constant flutter.

They Are Devilishly Handsome In Blue Suits

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And headbands.

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And neckties.

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And when they don their wicked afros.

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Or pop a hat on top.

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And definitely when they're shirtless.

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Or rocking a rad vest.

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