All The Costumes To Make With Your Blazer

We pretty much all have at least one blazer in our closets, right? Whether you're hitting the ground running on your job interviews, or acting as CEO to your own company, chances are you own one... which makes it the perfect basis for a Halloween costume. You might be thinking something along the lines of "Blazers = boring," but hear me out: if you use what you've got, there's no need to buy any cheap polyester from one of those Halloween pop-up superstores — because why bother when you can look chic as can be in something you already own?

And hey — you'd be surprised just how many pop culture-y costume ideas you can wring out of a single closet staple: there's Dana Scully for all the remaining X-Philes out there, Gogo Yubari for all the Tarantino fans (plus, hey: Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2 just went up on Netflix, so you can totally spend Halloween watching the films in costume), Jemma Simmons for anyone who loves Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as much as I do, and Clara Oswin Oswald for everyone who's absolutely devouring season 8 of Doctor Who. Not bad for a simple article of clothing, eh?

Here's how to get the looks listed above:

Jemma Simmons


Agent Simmons is kind of the epitome of geek chic — no one on TV does a Peter Pan collar better than her, and the fact that she pairs said Peter Pan collars with lab coats and goggles only makes her even more stylish, IMHO.

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As for her beauty look? Easy as pie — it all comes down to pale pink lip gloss and some well-deployed brow pencil.

Agent Scully

This one's a throwback for sure, but it's one of the easiest Halloween costumes out there. All you need is a suit (shoulder pads optional, but preferred) and a faux FBI badge. Add some '90s-inspired lipstick and neutral eye makeup, and you're good to go!

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Note: This also doubles as a great Clarice Starling costume.

Gogo Yubari

Kill Bill certainly yields its fair share of Halloween costumes. I mean, how badass are The Bride, Elle Driver (particularly with her nurse outfit/red cross eye patch), and O-Ren Ishii? Perhaps scariest of all is Gogo Yubari, and her look is easy to rock. Just throw together an approximation of a school uniform and add a spiked mace on a chain.

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Clara Oswald

I love Clara's cutesy retro girl style, but it was fun to see her change up her look in this season's "Time Heist" (her makeup look in the episode was also great, btdubs). This is slightly different, as her blazer was a burgundy/eggplant shade — but just go with whatever you have in your closet!

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See? Blazers are a veritable Halloween gold mine! Will you be repurposing yours this year?

Images: IMDb (2); Polyvore (4); Giphy (3); cotea/Tumblr