North West is Already More Stylish Than Her Mom

by Erin Mayer

As a 23-year-old woman, I hate to say that I'm jealous of a 1-year-old's wardrobe, but, well, it's true. North West has been taking Paris Fashion Week by storm with her squishable little face and too-cute designer outfits while I've been sitting at home, wondering why I don't have famous parents (just kidding, Mom! Love you). But seriously, this little girl has better clothes than, well, anyone. Case in point: Kim Kardashian and North West wore matching jumpsuits to the Givenchy runway show but, somehow, NW rocked hers 10x harder.

While Kim's black lace number managed to be sort of gauche, North West killed it in a nearly identical garment. Maybe everything is just better in miniature? Kim's outfit was sort of a hyper sexed-up version of her daughter's, featuring a black bustier and sheer lace leg panels that she paired with giant black heels and a leather jacket. North West's version was understated and she wore it with tough combat boots. There's a clear winner, IMHO. Less truly is more.

To be fair, I'm not usually a fan of Kim's personal style. I tend to prefer a more laid-back look, which is definitely what North West channels on a regular basis — probably because she's a toddler and body-con dresses are not exactly appropriate for pre-pre-schoolers. But still. I'm hoping she retains a sense of this joie de vivre once she's old enough to dress herself.

As a side note, is anyone else tired of babies sitting front row at fashion shows? Like, I get that North West's left foot is probably already more famous than I will ever be, but still. She's a baby. She probably doesn't even realize she's at a fashion show, let alone that she's wearing Givenchy while attending the Givenchy presentation in Paris. Oh well, I guess some are just born great.