Watch John Oliver Hail Narendra Modi As The Gold Standard Of Visiting World Leaders — VIDEO

Since arriving to the U.S. on Friday, newly elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taught all other politicians how's it's really done. Besides speaking at the United Nations General Assembly and meeting with President Obama, Modi's agenda also included a sold-out, multimedia event at Madison Square Garden reminiscent of a Cirque du Soleil production and an unforgettable appearance at a poverty awareness concert. According to Last Week Tonight 's John Oliver, Modi has set a new bar for all other foreign dignitaries.

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Modi, who was elected as prime minister in May, will meet with President Obama on Monday and Tuesday to discuss strengthening relations between India and the U.S. But before the landmark meeting (it will be Modi's first time meeting with the U.S. president), the Indian prime minister has already left quite the impression on the American public.

On Saturday, Modi stole the crowd at the Global Citizen Festival concert in Central Park, which included performances by No Doubt, Carrie Underwood, Jay Z, and a surprise appearance by Beyoncé. That was followed by the Madison Square Garden event in honor of Modi the next day, which was so epic it made a Beyoncé concert look like a lounge act in comparison. The theatrical spectacular featured dancers, performances by Indian pop singers, a laser show, and an impassioned speech by the man of the hour. It brought out 20,000 members of the Indian diaspora and other supporters.

John Oliver had some words about Modi's five-day tour of the U.S., including one very tall order for future foreign dignitaries visiting America.

The United Nations General Assembly Has Never Seen Anything Like Modi

While commenting on the U.N. General Assembly, Oliver called it what it really is before segueing into Modi.

If you have been here in New York, it has been dominated by the U.N. General Assembly, the annual event where delegates come from all over the world to f**k up this city's traffic.Almost every world leader has been here, but no one has had a bigger impact than Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

But Deep Down, Modi Is Just Like Us

Sure, Modi rolled out an impressive live event complete with an onstage painter who created a speed portrait of him, but Oliver pointed out that he's not all that different from a typical New York City tourist.

I've gotta say, Modi, classic out-of-towner move. Comes to New York, stays a few days, and leaves with a slapdash caricature done in the Times Square area. You're a cliche, Modi. You're a cliche.

Modi's Words of Wisdom

The Madison Square Garden spectacle wasn't even the most noteworthy part of Modi's trip to the U.S. At the end of Saturday night's Global Citizen Festival concert, Modi exited with "one hell of a finish."

Modi gave his parting words to the crowd as actor Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, stood behind him.

Thank you once again for having me. Thanks in particular to Hugh Jackman. God bless you. May the force be with you!

Oliver is visibly confused by this, but in awe nonetheless.

What?! Wow. That is a power move right there: Standing next to Wolverine and throwing out Star Wars quotes.

Modi Sets a New Standard For All Other World Leaders

In fact, Modi's "power move" should set a new precedent. From now on, every world leader should have to follow Modi's same ingenious formula and leave equally powerful impressions on the U.S.

Do not turn up to this city again unless you're with an A-list movie star and throwing out quotes from movies that they were definitely not in.

Is that confusing, world leaders? Not to worry, Oliver gives some specifics.

For instance, Robert Mugabe is not welcome here unless he's standing next to Billy Crystal shouting 'To infinity and beyond!' for no reason whatsoever.And I do not want to see Angela Merkel set foot on American soil unless she is with Vin Diesel screaming 'I will have what she is having.'

Modi's next stop will be Washington, where he will dine (or for him, fast) with President Obama. We can't wait to see what showstopping antics Modi will pull at the White House.Watch the entire video below.

Images: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver/YouTube