What You're Like With Your BFF vs. Everyone Else

It’s a given that your relationship with your best friend is special — but just in case you need a little reminder, here you go: What you’re like with your BFF is totally different from what you’re like with everyone else, and BuzzFeed’s latest video totally nailed how. And of course it’s hilarious, because we’ve all had that conversation about how you licked a clown’s face once during a dry spell and how you’ll never, ever live it down.

It’s no secret that humans have a tendency to carefully curate the image of ourselves we display to others. We do it online all the time — but let’s not forget that we do it in real life, too. There’s a reason we do it, though: We have many selves wrapped up inside of us, and whichever self we present at any given time depends on the situation at hand. Most people, for example, don’t really need to know how crazy we were in college. But all that personal curation can get exhausting after a while — which is where your BFF comes in. S/he’s the one person you can have totally no filter around; you can always trust him or her to tell you honestly when you need to chill the hell out about why that cute guy you went out with on Saturday hasn’t called you back yet; and no matter how sick you are of hearing that stupid ranch dressing story, you’re still always there for each other.

How do you know you’ve truly reached BFF status? These 21 signs are a good place to start. Nothing beats eating Pillsbury frosting straight out of the tub together while watching Mean Girls for the eight millionth time, am I right?