Judd Apatow Snags Amy Schumer Script & Positions Her for Launch Into the Mainstream

Amy Schumer's been making the comedy rounds for a while now. Performing stand-up in comedy clubs since 2004, she also has her own show on Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer. Now she's living one of the more lofty comic dreams: Judd Apatow's come a-knockin'.

The comedian, who came to fame through her particularly barbed take-downs during the Comedy Central roasts of Roseanne Barr and Charlie Sheen, recently had an untitled script optioned by Universal Pictures. The script, which is a starring vehicle for Schumer, has picked up Comedy King Judd Apatow as producer.

Apatow, who is known for having a hand in launching the careers of half the comedy film stars in play right now, must see Schumer's potential to be the Next Big Thing. Much like Kristen Wiig, Schumer's already well-known and respected in the comedy world, but as Wiig experienced with Bridesmaids, a film made under the Apatown brand, can do wonders for a comedian's career: Seth Rogen, Jason Segal, and Jonah Hill all owe big chunks of their success to the comedy titan.

As for whether Amy Schumer's the next Kristen Wiig, the answer to that is twofold: No, and maybe. For one, there's only one Kristen Wiig, and her quietly sparkling brand of oddball sweetness is very much her own. As for the maybe: Schumer's been on a roll with her career lately — Inside Amy Schumer's gearing up for a second season, and her stand-up's tighter than ever.

Schumer's R-rated sense of humor takes on a more acerbic brand of that aforementioned oddball sweetness. A partnership with Apatow might be just what Schumer needs to rocket-launch her way from Comedy Central and into mainstream success.

For a taste of Schumer, below is one of the more well-known sketches from her show:

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