This Hashtag Is Seriously Romantic

Photographer couple Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks have a love so adorable it has taken on a life of its own on social media. Brinson and Banks are behind the popular #BrinsonBanksing hashtag, which is meant to accompany photos of any couple copying their romantic, girl-lifted-into-the-air-while-kissing pose.

This planking-for-lovers pose started on a whim back in 2010, when the couple was horsing around with their photographer friends in Las Vegas, Nevada. A few months later when the two were on a shoot in Kansas, they got inspired to recreate the pose in front of a majestic wheat field. After that, they began recreating their pose all around the world, from Tulum, Mexico to Grand Cayman, and all around the United States, from Aspen, CO to rural Georgia. Their unique kiss became a way for them to record special memories and chronicle their adventures.

The pose was finally dubbed #BrinsonBanksing by a friend in 2013, and after images were uploaded onto Facebook and Instagram, the hashtag took on a life of its own. Other couples have been following suit, and uploading photos of themselves in the romantic position. Brison and Banks have no problem with other couples sharing the love. When asked how she felt about these imitations, Brinson told Fstoppers, “We love it. Complete strangers are tagging #BrinsonBanksing on Instagram from all over the world. It's beautiful!”

The couple has no plans for slowing down. “I’d love to be 50 and still doing it,” Banks told CNN, “It’s more fun as we get more of them, all the little memories. It’s one of those projects that will just grow greater.”

Check out their photos below.

And some adorable copy-cats:

Images: Facebook/BrinsonBanks, Instagram/JoelColeman,Instagram/ameliaanddan, Instagram/taskertasker, Instagram/ehollida