How Chamomile Can Help Soothe More Than Your Cough

It's barely October and the common cold is back with vengeance. Sneezing on the subway, coughing into the open air, and running noses are a daily reminder that the weather is getting cooler and flu season is just around the corner. I've already stocked up on chamomile tea for all those yummy antioxidant properties and believe me when I tell you this is one of my favorite ways to cure a food hangover. Chamomile tea is well-known to alleviate and cure mild intestinal and stomach woes. Never one to ignore a natural ingredient that tastes delicious AND has healing properties, I had to get busy introducing this calming flower onto my body.

Chamomile did not disappoint. This daisy-esque flower has ultra anti-inflammatory properties and an innate ability to fight off free radicals. Chamomile has natural cleansing properties and is known as a natural skin lightening agent, which means it's excellent for getting rid of acne scars, eye baggage, razor burn, and any other temporary "beauty" marks. The potent aroma isn't just for soothing scratchy throats; it can sooth skin irritations, sunburns, and bee stings just as quickly.

According to Mind, Body, Green's website, the alpha-bisabolol present in chamomile is said to decrease wrinkles and smooth deep lines from aging. Of course, it's not going to hurt to be sippin' on your new skincare regimen before bedtime either; chamomile is naturally calming and all those awesome benefits are going straight into your pores and hair.

These all-natural recipes will make chamomile a go-to solution for your mind, body, AND hair.

1. Facial Cleanser (Combination or Dry Skin)

Recently, I made the rookie mistake of dolling out my fave facial cleanser to a pal with seriously dry skin. I literally woke up at 3 AM, several hours after I proudly handed over my DIY creation, I realized, "Holy shit, I could rip her face off!" I quickly texted her: DO NOT USE THAT CLEANSER. So, it's only fair that I make a cleanser for dry-skinned beauties out there that are craving some serious moisture this fall.

Using equal parts of castile soap, chamomile brewed tea, and rose hips oil, mix into a sealed container. Next, add 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil to your mixture and mix well. This face wash smells delicious, but the best part is the nourishing moisture restored to dull, flaky skin.

2. Ultimate Healing Body Scrub

When one of my perfectly sane friends fell asleep outside recently, her first course of action was to find a way to move her hammock inside her small apartment. Her next idea was to hit me up for a exfoliating body scrub that would alleviate the pain and inflammation from all those bug bites during her impromptu camping sessions. This scrub is also the jam if you've got scarring and or razor bumps that have just GOT to go.

Take one cup of raw sugar and mix in equal parts of brewed chamomile tea and jojoba oil. Next, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and a few drops of vitamin E. This recipe is gentle enough to not cause further skin irritation, while getting rid of the dark or red spots inflammation often causes.

3. Dark Circles Remedy

If I'm caught with a drink in my hand after 1 AM? Dark circles tomorrow. If I'm up late rewatching Six Feet Under? Dark circles tomorrow. If I happen to witness two puppies meeting for the first time at a dog park? Dark circles.. and yes, tears of happiness. I've got loads of tricks up my sleeve for getting rid of puffy eyes, but it's those deep, dark circles that have me turning to chamomile for relief.

One quick way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes naturally is to boil water and place two bags of chamomile tea in the water. Take the tea bags out after they've cooled completely and place them underneath your eyes for up to five minutes.

Image: Maria Keays, FromSandtoGlass,Paul Downey/Flickr; Giphy