Karlie Kloss Says Instagram Empowers Models, Plus 10 Times She Shared Her Fab Life On IG

Instagram is a powerful tool. I find lots of clothing ideas, new brands, jewelry designers, and makeup inspo on the social media site. Designer Tom Ford believes Instagram is more influential than fashion media. According to ELLE, model Karlie Kloss thinks Instagram is empowering, especially for models such as her self. While she is used to having cameras in her face 24/7, since it's, you know, her job, she has no control or power when it comes to the set up or even the end result. It's up to the photographer and the director of the shoot — and whatever brand is signing the paycheck. She is there to look good and do as she is told, which can be somewhat objectifying. However, with IG, she takes the power back. In effect, the photo service gives her (and other models) both control and a soul, at least to the outsider observer.

So it sounds like the Kloss, currently gracing the cover of Lucky in a denim tuxedo, views IG almost like feminist tool. I know, I know. Call the wahmbulance over a stunning model feeling like she has no control over being treated like she's just a pretty face. But Kloss, her fellow models, and you can present yourself however you wish with IG.

"I actually love social media because it’s added a whole other element of control to my life that I didn’t have when I first started modeling. It’s given me a voice," Kloss mused to ELLE.

She's not the only one who feels that way. "Instagram has become kind of a saving grace for many models," Kloss said. "I mean, often it's our job to be seen and not heard. So being able to show what I’m interested in, where I'm traveling... This is going to sound cheesy, but it’s empowering. Who I am, publicly, isn’t just about what I look like anymore."

Kloss has a point there. Most people are interested in how she looks and what she is wearing. They don't know and perhaps don't care about what's beneath that pretty surface, as long as the clothes and the images look good. With IG, we know she and T. Swizzle went on a Nor Cal road trip together and jumped on the beach and that she loves her Karlie's Kookies.

Kloss considers IG an integral part of her job, in addition to using it to share her likes, to add some depth and realness, and to give her a soul to those who watch or gawk from a distance.

But she also feels the need to do it, to show photogs, mag editors, and fans that she takes her job, one that she is admittedly grateful to have, seriously. She said, "The thing is, I actually feel like Instagram has added to my responsibilities as a model, too. Not only do I need to post parts of my job, but also, just knowing so many young women are watching me — watching the fashion industry — we need to be aware of that… I like to post a lot of fitness shots, like when I do yoga in my room. It’s good to how show effort and commitment are part of the job… and also, I mean, have you ever tried to take pictures like this [upside-down]? It’s really funny."

Here are 10 times Karlie Kloss let us peek into her heart and soul via IG. There are tons of pro pics of her wearing priceless couture and flashing those chiseled cheekbones. But there are plenty of refreshing real snaps of her fabulous life.

1. Posture!

Kloss likes to say in shape and stand on her head.

2. The World's Sexiest Waitress

Doesn't she look like the world's sexiest waitress or server with the way she is handling dem plates? The kookies look good, too. Nom nom nom.

3. Even Models Take Goofy Selfies

Sure, we see her less-than-a-quarter-full Starbucks cup — I'm an optimist — and her Wall Street Journal. But check out her goofy, tongue out pose!

4. Hangin' On Pool Floats

Livin' the life in a hotel robe and chillin' on a shark pool float.

5. Playing In Cement And Dressing Like A Soccer Mom

OMG, so cute, right? It looks like we caught her in the act... of putting her hands in cement and wearing soccer mom threads.

6. Big Primpin'

Kloss, who looks seriously like Angelina Jolie in this snap, got ready for the Met Gala with T. Swizzle. They usually look like twinsies but their opposite lipsticks set them apart.

7. Karlie And A Kanine

Kloss, looking au naturel and lovely sans makeup, holding an adorable puppy.

8. More T. Swizzle Love

Mwah. They look like sisters. End. Of. Story.

9. Nom Nom Nom

Sugar and spice! K. Kloss likes her sweets.

10. Might As Well Jump

Kloss and Swift had an epic road trip that culminated in a jump for joy shot, with the sunset in the background. This totally looks staged, because it is, like it's from a music video. Still, don't you wish you were there, jumping and playing?

Images: Karlie Kloss/Instagram