How To Dress Like Liz Lemon For Halloween, Nerds

This Halloween give yourself the perfect excuse to work on your night cheese. Even if 30 Rock capped off its glorious seven-season run back in 2013, let's be real, a Liz Lemon Halloween costume will never go out of style. Why? Well, three reasons — as if you needed any beyond night cheese…

One: Your Princess Leia costume is at the dry cleaners because you wore it last week to get out of jury duty. BLERGH!

Two: Tracy Jordan is having another pre-show tantrum, so you're too busy to be bothered with shopping for a silly, marked-up sexy costume from Ricky's. You can eliminate the chore of shopping because you probably already own most of the Lemon staples. Economy!

Three: Liz Lemon is your spirit animal, bar none. Just like Lemon, you regularly upend pieces of furniture in hangry tantrums. When your spunky friend drags you out to the bar, you roll your eyes in sarcastic agony basically the entire time. On Halloween, a Lemon “disguise” will just give you free license for you to act like yourself. Just think about how fun it’ll be to shout “That’s a dealbreaker!” into the face of any jagweeds wearing “Breast inspector” costumes all night long.

Yep, I'm gonna guess that I've sold you here. So in order to craft a great Liz Lemon costume, you’ll need the following things…

A pair of nonprescription glasses

This pair from Amazon will give you the best "shark eyes" possible.

A sweater and button-down shirt

You probably own some version of Liz Lemon's corporate casual pieces. Try layering a muted-tone v-neck sweater like this one from Old Navy...

Over a white button-up, like this one from Target.

Black or navy blazer

Because you're a professional individual. This one from Forever 21 should do the trick.

A pair of bootcut jeans preferably from "Brooklyn Without Limits"

I swear to Kabbalah monster, these ones from H&M will make you look hot.

Actually, it'll be more socially conscious to just wear an old pair of shorteralls

This pair from Bib Overalls Online is a good approximation. Also, I'm ecstatic to report that bib overalls have an entire website devoted to their existence.

Finish with some sensible shoes

Grey Converse, $55, Amazon

A pair of classic Chuck Taylors will do the trick.

And you're high fiving a million angels!

Happy Halloween, nerds!

Image: Giphy (3); NBC Universal (4); Old Navy; Target; Forever 21; H&M; Bib Overalls Online; Converse