Is She Dating Bieber 2.0?

Camila Cabello is only 17 and she's already on the rise as a singer in the successful pop group Fifth Harmony. It's only natural for people to wonder about the personal lives of the five beautiful singers, and while Cabello is far from your average teenager, I assume that even with her busy career she has time to get a little boy crazy. I'm sure she is creeping guys on social media and over-analyzing text message conversations just like the rest of her peers. So what about her romantic status? Is Camila Cabello single? Is she in a relationship? For Cabello, nothing is confirmed, but there has been quite a bit of speculation going around about the singer and Justin Bieber version 2.0, Austin Mahone.

Cabello has denied being in a relationship with Mahone, but it seems that some of the Mahomies (his fans, duh) are getting a little jealous of the quality time that the two are spending together

Maybe the pop stars are not technically "dating" and are just trying to figure it out by hanging together — which they seem to be doing very often — but there are so many reasons why they should be dating. As J-14 points out, they would understand each other's busy schedules, they could collaborate on a duet and capitalize on the rumors about their personal lives, and they were friends first, which is a solid foundation for romance.With that said, let's try to figure out once and for all what the deal between Camila Cabello and Austin Mahone.

An Instant Connection

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The duo were initially linked to each other last summer when they were in New York City for the MTV Video Music Awards and, reportedly, met the day before at the Arthur Ashe Kids Day event.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The pop stars are not shy about documenting their time together. They have been posting plenty of cute photos of each other on Instagram.

A Mahomies Backlash

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Maybe the reason Cabello and Mahone are hesitant to come clean about a relationship is because of Mahone's fierce fans. Cabello defended herself on Twitter this past summer saying,

I swore to myself I would never look up and therefore address any rumors or hate. However, when it affects you guys, people that I care about, when it affects the potential of both 5H and Austin's fandoms to enjoy the summer and all — I feel like it wouldn't hurt to talk about some things.

She finished off her statement saying, "THERES NOTHING TO BE FIGHTING OVER BECAUSE AUSTIN AND I ARE JUST FRIENDS, and to his Mahomies, I support his happiness as much as you do, so nothin' to be stressed about." Talk about intense.

A Confirmation from Dinah Jane Hansen

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Cabello's Fifth Harmony bandmate Dinah Jane Hansen kinda, sorta confirmed the romance rumors when she went on an Instagram rant in response to a fan's reaction to the rumors. She later deleted her comment which read, "This is literally sooo funny to me.. Y'all just can't respect people that have interest in each other. At the end of the day were teens and were gonna do what ever the heck we want?" Although she was asking for privacy, that seems to make it clear that there was a romance brewing here. As for if the two will ever make their romance (if it exists, that is) public, only time, and possibly a sweet pop duet, will tell.

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